JavaScript Developer
  • Type: Full-Time
  • Location: Boston, MA (Headquarters)
  • Department: Engineering

Rakuten Loyalty is one of the fastest growing technology companies in Boston. We are the inventors of the world’s most innovative rewards acceleration platform – servicing the largest loyalty programs around the world. We develop technology that gives loyalty program members the opportunity to earn rewards for their every day online activity – opening up explosive new revenue opportunities for our clients – and giving their members the opportunity to earn the rewards they love anywhere, anytime. Selected by Forbes as the 7th most Innovative Company in the world – Rakuten is focused on rapidly expanding its services to new markets around the globe – Rakuten Loyalty is at the forefront of this effort. Rakuten Loyalty received numerous awards last year – including Best Places to Work, the Best and Brightest Award for our Employees and the Most Innovative Small Company of the Year – as well as having our CEO win the distinguished Innovative All Star award given by the Boston Business Journal and Mass High Tech. We have created a wonderful environment that supports free thought, open communication, the celebration of innovation, and a dedication to moving quickly. Entrepreneurialism is in our blood – and we expect everyone who joins our team to exhibit an attitude that says that no mountain is too high, no problem unsolvable – because with great ambition, ideas, and technology – anything is possible.

Job Description

We're building a largely scalable platform that covers mobile apps, backend services, and RPC layers that intercommunicate to deliver real-time responses.

We are searching for a passionate JavaScript Developer who is motivated by challenging technical problems and working with cutting edge technology.  

As part of our collaborative development team you will work to develop, enhance and implement single page web applications and browser plugins.  We work in an Agile environment and you must be prepared to Scrum! 

This position is ideally suited for candidates with strong JavaScript or OO background and Responsive Web Design Skills.

  • Bachelor’s Degree (Computer Science or Related)
  • Strong knowledge of the JavaScript language (prototype inheritance, closures, OOP)
  • Experience with one or more of the following JavaScript libraries: AngularJS, Backbone, KnockoutJS, or Ember.js
  • Strong command of cross-browser development techniques and browser degradation strategies (PC/MAC, IE, FF, Chrome, Safari)
  • Ability to debug and troubleshoot across multiple browsers
  • Proficiency with HTML5, CSS3, offline cache manifest, and local database
  •  You write blazing fast, reusable JavaScript and obsess over page generation and rendering times.
  • You have experience or you’re willing to learn Responsive Web Design approach.
  • You know and follow the best Web and coding practices.
  • You have demonstrated the ability to write modular, unit-testable JavaScript and apply test driven development to your process.
  • You have knowledge of server-side scripting languages, have experience consuming APIs, and have an opinion on when to do things client-side versus server-side.
  • You look for novel and creative solutions to complex problems.
  • You are an independent thinker who is self-motivated and thrives in a fast-paced work environment.
  • You have a passion for web development that manifests itself as a proven history (3+ years) of successful projects and the ability to write fast, accurate, scalable code.